Important announcement

To all JKA members and friends in France,

We are happy to announce that in accordance with the wishes of Mr. Kusahara and Mr. Ueki, president and chief instructor of JKA respectively, who have publicly expressed their desire to see a unification and mutual cooperation between all JKA members, an entante, for the common benefit of all practitioners, has been reached in our country between FJKA and JKAWFF/KG.

An agreement has been reached opening the path to future and closer cooperation between the two organisations, with the aim of defending, promoting and developing the practice of JKA Karate in France.

Knowing that we are counting on your support, we invite you to read the details of this agreement which can be found in the document linked below.

Report of NCC meeting of 11 March 2016

The Executive Board

Publié par JKA/WF FRANCE

Groupe officiel en France de la Japan Karate Association - JKA/WF FRANCE - 日本空手協会世界連盟フランス.