Information importante

Chers membres,

Afin de lever toute ambiguïté et de mettre un terme définitif aux interrogations ou spéculations des uns et des autres sur le sujet, nous vous invitons à prendre connaissance du courrier qu’Ogura Yasunori Sensei, directeur exécutif de la JKA, a adressé conjointement à France JKA et JKA/WF France le 5 septembre dernier à propos de l’accord du 11 mars 2016.


Le Bureau exécutif

« TO: France JKA
         JKA WF France

We hope this e-mail finds you well.

First, the agreement of March 11th 2016 at Senlis is still valid. This is our recognition.

Actually I found that there have not been any enough communication between you after I communicated with you respectively.

JKA HQ advises both of you to communicate well and inform all events each other by e-mail or official letter directly from now on.

You must understand that if you are against this agreement, there is a possibility that the requests may not be approved in future.

Considering the existence of a lot of students whom JKA HQ and you are responsible for, this time we decided to authorize again Mr. Naka to JKW WF France and Mr. Izumiya to France JKA as you requests.

However we request you to send official information about these events each other with cc to me very soon. We strictly advise you to take yourselves of this opportunity to communicate each other.

I hope you understand well our advice.


Yasunori Ogura
Executive Director

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Groupe officiel en France de la Japan Karate Association - JKA/WF FRANCE - 日本空手協会世界連盟フランス.